A company called FloDesign has created an all new wind turbine based on technology found in jet engines. They claim that these new turbines are 3-4 times more efficient, require less space, and can operate at higher speeds than the traditional wind-mill style turbines we see installed today.

Traditional wind turbines create a wake effect much like a wake seen behind a boat. This causes the turbines behind the front line to be less effective than the ones behind it. Turbines after the first row tend to produce 20-30% less power. This is due to the fact that the turbines cannot dynamically move as winds change direction.

The parts of traditional turbines need to be shipped in very large pieces requiring many trucks to haul the blades and motor to the location for assembly. FloDesign’s wind turbines break down so all the pieces fit on to one truck, and they have just secured $34.5 million to help begin commercial development.

The FloDesign turbines seem to address many of the issues faced by traditional turbines including size, space required for operation, efficiency, and directional mobility. Let’s hope this new turbine is as good as FloDesign says. If it is, we could see the price of wind energy start to drop dramatically.

Source: The Modern Green.