Tigo Energy and Schott Solar have come together to work on what they perceive as a more intelligent solar module, which also has an increased power output. Schott has tested and established system compatibility, compromising of the frame mounting procedure, with Tigo’s Energy Maximizer Solution and Schott’s solar PV modules. Their partnership will also see Tigo encourage the Schott Solar Initiative to embrace intelligent electronics in next-generation module design.

“Customers purchase SCHOTT modules for bankable quality and reliability backed by an industry leading 25-year linear power warranty. When used with the Tigo Energy Maximizer Solution, SCHOTT modules operate at their full potential with all leading inverters, and the system can be economically deployed in any size project,” said Mukesh Shah, Product Management Director at Schott Solar.

During the evaluation portion of their collaboration, the two companies asked the installation community to corroborate the customer benefits of the Maximizer solution. “The Tigo Energy Maximizer solution keeps the Schott POLY 235 modules running at their peak output,” said Jeff Wiggins, CEO of SolNV and president of Nevada SEIA. “Tigo Energy and Schott Solar give our customers the peace-of-mind of being able to watch the energy production of each module for the full life of the installation.”

Source: PV Tech.