We have seen a handful of carbon neutral houses of late, but Eyeful Home Company of Tostem Housing Institute Co Ltd offers what it calls a “carbon minus home.” Christened the “Super-sustainable Model House Next+ Nagaiki Style,” the green house comes loaded with green and health-related devices. The house contributes to absorbing more carbon dioxide than it emits.

The Next+ Nagaiki Style features a photovoltaic (PV) system that produces 6.93kW of energy, a water heating system equipped with a heat pump using solar heat, brightness adjustable LED lighting equipment, OLED lighting equipment on the walls and a timer function for using nighttime power to charge an electric vehicle.

The list of green features doesn’t end there, as the house also includes “SAMOS,” a sash that has high light and heat shielding performances, “Miracle Healthy Brick,” a brick that is highly hygroscopic and helps stabilize humidity and “Pellet Heater,” a stove that uses wood obtained by thinning forests. In addition, it flaunts “Luminous porcelain,” which can be used as an entrance lamp, “Fractal Sunshade,” which is used on the terrace and “Smart Watch” and “ERIA Monitor,” which visualize the consumption of electricity.

The Next+ Nagaiki Style is the third-generation model of the concept home that Tostem Housing started to build in 2008. The first- and second-generation models are aimed at CO2 neutrality, while this third-generation model aims at obtaining a “CO2 minus life.” All the data regarding the electricity consumption will be automatically sent to the server of the company. There are plans to provide a service to analyze the data and advise the residents to adapt ways to save energy.

Source: Eco Friend.