Before a wind farm is built, a long time – often years – goes into figuring out exactly where to place the turbines so that they harness an optimal amount of wind energy. But what if you had the ability to move a wind turbine to a different spot whenever the wind changes?

That’s the idea behind the Mobile Wind Turbine concept designed by Pope Design. The turbine is mounted to hybrid truck that runs off energy supplied by the turbine or a diesel generator when the batteries completely drain. When the truck is parked, the turbine can be erected and start producing electricity.

It’s unlikely that an entire wind farm would be made up of these, but for places like military bases, schools or businesses where only one or a few would be used, they might be ideal for maximizing the amount of clean energy that’s generated. Also, a mobile wind energy generator would be a perfect solution for emergency disaster relief operations.

Source: Eco Geek.