The high cost of heating and utility bills is a hot topic among individuals, businesses and everyone right up to government officials. The concern is not only for monetary value of these services but what these services are doing to the environment. Solar Energy for home heating and electricity is the best option available to the public and is an option that many are trying to use.

Although solar energy has been around for hundreds of years, it’s only been in the past few years that the public has been made aware of the possibility of using their own solar energy for home use. Technology has developed methods of converting sunlight into electricity that can be used to operate almost anything in your home.

Solar panels are used to convert the energy from the sun into DC current, which is then, by means of an inverter, converted to the AC current we use to power our electrical appliances. Imagine being able to use all the electricity you want in your home without receiving a high electric bill each month!

Utility companies in some areas will even pay you for any excess electricity you make each month when you’re hooked up with to their grid. If you’re using homemade wind power and it’s a high wind month, you may very well make more electricity than you use. The result is your utility company owing you money!

In spite of all the publicity we hear regarding solar energy for home use and how it can help our environment and save money, many are still unsure because of the initial cost. Whether you’re building your home and just attempting to switch to a solar energy home, the cost can seem astronomical.

Many homeowners have stated that having the equipment installed in their home could be up to $35,000. While this amount seems like a significant upfront investment, it’s an investment you’ll get back in savings – maybe not immediately but over time.

Unfortunately, many people would love to use 100% solar energy for home heating and electricity but just can’t afford the initial startup costs. The good news is that you can build a solar panel or create your own homemade wind power for a fraction of the cost. Many kits are now available to help people make a gradual switch to solar energy at a pace they can afford.

source: solar energy info site