Novato and Sonoma-based SolarCraft, a solar industry leader, announced in light of the recent budget evaluations and the continued success of the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program, PG&E is within weeks of reaching the incentive budget cap in the non-residential sector of the CSI program.

It’s critical to file commercial reservations immediately if interested in solar in 2011 and SolarCraft can help you get your rebate reserved right away. With current state economics it’s unclear when the program will get further funding. Since the reservation for a Solar rebate is good for one year, SolarCraft can facilitate getting your reservation, so you can still receive the rebate on a 2011 solar project.

Once PG&E has exhausted the non-residential CSI funds (with paid, confirmed, and under review projects and the assumptions made to the incentive budget), PG&E will start to create an application waitlist, and notify and place those applications in the queue until there are funds available.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not affect PG&E’s CSI residential sector at this time as there are sufficient funds to date.

SolarCraft is one of the most experienced solar energy contractors in California. For more than 26 years this certified Green Business has been providing Solar Thermal and Solar Electric services including consultation, design, installation, monitoring and maintenance. SolarCraft is a full-service solar contractor, employing licensed and certified solar installers who are experts in their field. Since 1984 SolarCraft has installed more than 4,500 solar energy systems in California saving customers more than $7 million annually and eliminating the production of more than 28,000 tons of greenhouse gases every year.

Source: 7thspace