In California, a solar company recently crossed a major hurdle as it endeavors to install a photovoltaic system near a wastewater treatment plant in Colusa.

The proposed solar panel array, a 293 kilowatt system, is set to be built on the site of old sewer ponds and passed an environmental review phase required by the California Environmental Quality Act, Colusa’s city officials affirm. SunEdison, the solar firm charged with developing the solar project, says that it will use a single-axis tracker mounting system to guarantee the solar system generates an optimal amount of electricity.

Upon completion, the solar panel system will tie in directly to the Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s electrical grid. Moreover, Colusa’s City Manager, Jan McClintock, County Sun-Herald that the project will not cost city residents money, affirming that the city will pay a preset price for the electricity generated by the SunEdison-owned solar array.

The solar system is expected to go online by next summer, generating cost savings of $40,000 in its first year of operation, and $1.5 million during the 20-year agreement between the town and SunEdison.

Source: get solar