A north Worcestershire company has secured a £1.2m contract to install what they say is the UK’s biggest roof-top solar power plant.

Going Solar is fitting 2,200 photovoltaic panels onto a warehouse site the size of a football pitch.

They’ll power more than 100 homes in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Charles Houston, one of the directors of Going Solar: “It’s a great honour and a great feeling and certainly our biggest order to date.”

The firm’s latest project – due to start in February – is thought to be double that of the UK’s current largest roof-top solar power plant which powers Worthy Farm, the home of Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis.

Mr. Houston, a chartered surveyor by trade said: “It’s significant: 100 homes is obviously only a drop in the ocean compared to a city like Ipswich – everyone’s learning on the job as we go along for a project this size, the lawyers, bankers, developers and landlord who owns the roof of the building.

“It’s flagging up the fact that solar power is effective in the UK, particularly in the south.”

He set up Neem Sollars-based Going Solar in 2009 with Andy Perkins, who’s been fitting solar panels since 2002.

The company – currently a team of 12 – beat off a handful of others to secure the contract with a London-based renewable energy developer.

“I think it’s partly being small and partly being a relatively new company that works in our favour,” said Mr. Houston.

“With a contract of this kind, we’re hoping to treble the size of Going Solar and in turn expand the work we do across the Midlands and the rest of the UK.”

source: bbc