The proposed Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant will deploy the patented LPT 550 solar power generating system supplied by BrightSource Energy. The projected system will incorporate thousands of small mirrors known as heliostats to reflect back the sunlight over a boiler kept at the top of a tower to generate high temperature steam. The generated steam is pumped into a normally used turbine to produce electric power. To save water the generated steam is air-cooled and sent back into the system by utilizing an ecological friendly closed-loop technology. The dry-cooled technology deployed in the plant consumes 95% less water when compared to wet-cooled solar thermal systems.

According to Kevin Sara, Nur Energie’s founder and CEO, the partnership has chosen LPT 550 energy system supplied by BrightSource for its peak performance, easy to customize type of facilities and its ecologically friendly design. He said that on completion the plant will remain as the sophisticated and largest CSP Plant in Europe.

source: azocleantech