A new residential solar lease program, BriteLease, has been announced by Solar Universe to provide homeowners access to solar power. The combination of low electricity bill and solar lease payment will help in reducing monthly power expenditures for a majority of homeowners having low monthly lease payments and small deposit.

Through the new program, homeowners can avail instant and significant cost savings. The program, which is supported by Suntech, will also include insurance coverage, repair service and system maintenance during the lease tenure.

Solar Universe Franchise Owner for Ventura & Los Angeles Counties, Mitch Katz, stated that the residential solar lease program will enable low-income households to save costs and benefit from the solar energy. Katz further informed that the tenure of the new lease program is only 15 years, which is less compared to other solar company’s lease programs that offer a 20-year term period. In addition, the lease is also transferrable.

Solar Universe offers the solar system design, installation and financial services to both commercial and residential clients and continues to find optimum solar solutions to cut down power expenditures for its customers. Suntech specializes in providing reliable solar energy solutions to residential, commercial and industrial solar power plants and offers quality and low-cost products for customers.

source: azocleantech