Unirac, a supplier of substructure for solar power systems, and Canadian Solar Solutions, a fully owned auxiliary company of Canadian Solar, declared that they have entered into a partnership to supply 30 MW worth of solar PV systems produced by Canadian Solar along with the mounting solutions of Unirac for the rooftop installations of the commercial and residential users all over Canada.

The total solution provided by the two companies enable the clients from Ontario to buy a total system with flexibility of design and optimal performance for increased value in return. The association between the two companies will enable the clients of Canadian Solar Solutions to partake and benefit from the innovative FIT and microFIT programs of Ontario and earn sufficient returns on investment while contributing to a carbon free environment.

The FIT and microFIT programs of Ontario encourage the use of local content by offering incentives. The microFIT requires the small business owners and households who own a 10 kW or less solar installation to use 60% threshold of the products of local manufacture as required by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to receive 64.2 and 80.2 cents per kWh as price, for a guaranteed period of 20 years. For the projects above 10 kW limit and meeting the 60% threshold of local content, a payment between 44.3 and 71.3 cents is made per kWh based on the size of the installation. Since, the Unirac solar racking systems fully comply with the local content requirement of the program it will benefit the clients who opt for the installation of solar systems provided through the partnership.

source: azocleantech