Portable solar panels and solar lights are becoming very popular with RV and caravan users when out camping.
Now The Solar Barn has opened with a great range of new model solar products for all you mobile and portable solar power needs. Once you start using a portable solar panel you’ll wonder now how you managed to cope without solar power. The latest solar kits are very neat and compact and can be kept in a trunk or car boot until needed.

Ecopia’s Solar Barn has the biggest selection from little backpack solar chargers to 120 watt folding portable solar panels that come fitted with regulator, heavy duty battery cable and battery clamps. All you need is to attach it to a 12V battery for instant power.

The perfect companion to solar power are LED lights, many are self-charging with attached solar panels and internal permanent lithium ion or removable rechargeable cells. Solar Barn also have a great selection of LED torches with multiple LEDs or single high power LEDs that are so bright you are warned not to look directly into the beam. These LED torches and lights are very efficient and last 8 to 10 times longer than regular torches and lights, which makes them well suited for solar power.
So if you find you need reliable 12 volt power when out camping then please visit http://www.solarbarn.com.au
and feel free to contact John for some friendly advice.

source: ecommwire