Australia (OPENPRESS) February 9, 2011 — The drastic changes in climate, the unprecedented global warming and massive pollution are just some of the effects of environmental neglect, affecting people everywhere in the world. As these signs have been lurking around for years, there have been efforts to look for ways to create energy sustainability without harming the Earth, such as the use of solar power. Due to the growing demand for clean sources of energy, the manufacture of solar cells and photovoltaic arrays has expanded dramatically in recent years. states that the Australian Federal and State Governments are providing generous financial incentives under the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target legislation. With the new $0.20 per Kilowatt Feed-in Tariffs for Solar generated electricity starting on 1st January 2010, it now makes solar power both “economically rewarding and environmentally responsible.”

Emphasizing the importance of solar power for homes and industries, Spectrum Solar provides a wide range of product offerings tailored to meet clients specific energy requirements. This Australian owned company aims to ensure that clients improve the management of their energy usage, maximize green energy production while reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint.

With solar power for homes from, households can start producing and using energy independently, and rid of the ever-increasing electricity bills imposed by utilities. According to, an investment in solar electricity will provide a hedge against rising energy costs and reduce current electricity bill substantially. Return on investment could be as low as 6 years. Not only that, households will do great service to the community using renewable energy that does not do damage to the environment. emphasizes that installation of solar power for homes should be done before July 1, 2011, as the solar power rebate for any system will be reduced when installed after the said date.

Installing solar power for your home? Why pay more after, when you can pay less now? It’s now the time to order the solar panel system and maximize the solar panel rebate .

source: theopenpress