The government will set up solar panels at the remote outposts of the country’s border security forces across the frontier to strengthen the vigilance and check illegal migration and smuggling, officials said Thursday.
The home ministry officials said the Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) would install 350 solar systems in the first phase in the remote border areas at a cost of Tk 300 million where power supply from the national grid is unavailable.
"Since the power supply at many BGB outposts is absent, vigilance there by our security personnel is very poor," a senior home ministry official said.
The solar power would strengthen the capacity of the border forces to ensure strict security and check smuggling and any untoward incidents, he added.
The official said each of the solar systems would have a capacity of 180 kilowatt hours (kwh) of generation.
A planning ministry official said the BGB has sent a proposal on the solar system installation project.

"After review we will send it to the government’s highest project approval body ECNEC for endorsement," he said.
Bangladesh has still limited power coverage as it has so far been able to supply electricity to 52 per cent of the population due to shortage of adequate generation against the growing demand.
The BGB has hundreds of border camps with no electricity supply which creates impediment to monitor the border to check illegal migration, underground trade and terrorist activities.
Most of the border areas of Bangladesh are along neighbouring India with a total length of 4,095 kms. Besides, the country has a 270-km-long land border with Myanmar.
"If the solar system can be installed, the border outposts will get light for intensifying its security monitoring across the border," the home ministry official added.

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