Like portable infant warmers or engines that burn waste, just seeing a freestanding, solar powered water purification system inevitably produces an instant ah-ha moment about a technology that makes sense.

As we have described in recent stories about Sun spring units that are in operation in Haiti, the technology can be operational in just three hours after arrival at a site and is able to process up to 5,000 gallons per day for up to ten years. Its also one of the most economical water systems available, at a cost as low as $.0013 per gallon and perfectly suited for remote locations or emergency uses.

Invented by Jack Barker and made by his company, Innovative Water Technologies, the core of the unit is GEs ecomagination certified Home spring water filtration unit. To make the cut into the ecomagination line of energy efficient technologies, products have to provide a distinct, measurable advantage in reducing environmental impact while improving operational performance. But water plays a critical role in health, too — especially in places such as Haiti, where the aftermath of the earthquake has generated dangerous outbreaks of the waterborne disease cholera.

Innovative Water Technologies has rolled out water-filtering systems in India, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mexico, and even camping grounds in the United States, with about 100 so far in operation. Next, Barker hopes to put another 100 units in schools across Haiti: Even if they don’t have electricity, they will have safe water.

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