A solar manufacturing plant planned for Wilsonville just heard the federal government will be fronting about half the cost of the facility.

Solopower’s Wilsonville plant is meant to build flexible, thin-film solar panels. The Energy Secretary commits $197 million to Wilsonville solar power Plant in federal loan guarantees.

‎The Wilsonville plant now expects to get about $40 million in loans and tax credits from the state of Oregon.

Stephen Chu: “We want technologies invented in America, to be made in America. Instead of spending billions of dollars to import clean energy technologies, let’s invest in Oregon’s workers, industries, and innovation.”

Solopower CEO Tim Harris says the loan guarantee alone covers about half the facility’s cost.

He says the contract language – and the money his company is sinking into Wilsonville – mean Solopower will stay in Oregon for a long time.

The Wilsonville plant promises 500 permanent jobs, and hundreds more during construction.

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