This environmentally-based initiative consists of 1,889 solar panels installed on the roof and 2,396 solar panels installed on the ground at the South Plainfield facility. The completed system will produce approximately 1.3 megawatt hours of energy, which will provide approximately 50% of the electrical needs of the facility. The new solar power panel system is also expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1,800,000 pounds per year which is equivalent to planting 4,500 trees every year the system is in service.

“This solar system installation allows us to build a sustainable practice into our business while still providing quality service and comfort to our employees and customers,” stated Harold Martin CEO and owner of Glopak Corporation. “Our commitment to contribute to a more sustainable world is resolute. However, the ongoing implementation challenge is very real and highly demanding – our success or failure lies in the hands of the men and women operating at the project level. We feel that we have made a great decision to place our project in the hands of highly qualified professionals at Energy Conservation Technologies Partners whose creative ideas and solutions stood out from the competition.”

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