NANOGEN Power Systems’ NanoCSP™ line of modular and totally portable Solar Power Plants bring the economics and efficiency of large scale CSP (Collecting Solar Power) solar systems to the 250kW to 10MW marketplace.

NANOGEN’s portable solar power plants are available in multiples of 250kW up to 1MW. The entire power plant is self-contained and packaged in steel cargo containers which can be shipped worldwide by sea, barge, truck or rail. Upon arrival the containers are aligned with the sun, based on latitude, using a surveyors transit. Within 48 hours, two workers can have the power plant operational. No fossil fuels are ever needed.

Located on Florida’s Space Coast, NANOGEN has utilized local engineering expertise to integrate both proprietary and patented technologies to lower capital costs and achieve higher efficiencies than any existing solar applications.

Sunlight is captured by a patented stationary parabolic trough which does not need mechanical tracking motors. Unlike the existing bent-glass mirrors used in large scale CSP plants, NanoCSP™ troughs are lightweight, shatterproof thermoplastic components which are 100% recyclable, non-toxic, and produce no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during any stage of production, repair, or recycling.

NANOGEN has reduced the cost of the solar collector components by more than 60%. The solar troughs heat a proprietary thermal liquid which powers the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) engine; in the ORC closed combustion system, no VOC’s are released. The ORC engines turn 250kW to 10MW generators. NANOGEN then uses a proprietary TES (Thermal Energy Storage) tank to store the heated thermal fluid at a temperature sufficient to power the gen-set, for up to 16 hours, after the sun has set. O & M costs are the lowest in the energy industry.

While the portable units were originally designed for disaster relief, our current inquiries include back-up power systems for public buildings, co-generation compliance by power companies, military deployments and several off-grid mining operations in Africa. NANOGEN Power Systems is the industry leader in portable renewable and sustainable solar electricity generation.

Perry West, NANOGEN’s CEO said: “NANOGEN Power Systems is the first company to successfully downscale the Collecting Solar Power technology used in billion dollar solar power plants and package it into an affordable, modular, scalable system which can be shipped worldwide in cargo containers and deployed within 48 hours.”

source: ecofriendnews