March 2011

When you’re told that windmills and solar panels will reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil — because, apparently, we get electricity from oil, or else drive wind- and solar-powered cars, not sure — you ought to smell a rat.

When a president accelerates his anti-energy campaign with the supposedly protective gauze of rhetoric about still fully supporting nuclear power — words, rather contrary to actions, like canceling the one place we had built to store spent material, after 15 years and $13 billion energy-tax dollars — you ought to demand he stop playing you for a fool. (more…)


Falling solar-panel prices, generous government subsidies and rising power costs are creating a new breed of solar enthusiasts: people who are installing solar panels on their roof because they see it as a good investment, not because they are out to save the world.

That’s the case with Dave Shiels and his wife Kathleen Kiely. With his Harley and her Cadillac and their sprawling ranch house, they aren’t central casting’s version of environmentalists, but they are the kind of people who must embrace solar if it’s going to take off in the U.S. (more…)

A new facility that  officials call a solar farm will be built at the west end of the runway on Hamilton Road and will generate enough electricity to serve 2,000 homes.

It will be the biggest solar farm at an airport in the country, Lakeland Electric officials said.

The city utility will make an announcement about the new 45-acre solar farm at 2 p.m. on Wednesday at the Sun e_SSRqn Fun Fly-In.

Jeff Curry, alternative energy coordinator for Lakeland Electric, said Monday that the utility and Maryland-based SunEdison plan to install 18,000 solar panels at the airport by 2012. (more…)

The Sheridan School in Washington, D.C., recently flipped the switch on a 3,800 square foot roof-mounted solar power array. This solar installation, comprised of 252 224 watt solar panels from Sharp Solar, is one of the largest in the District, and it will provide 56 kilowatts of energy. Working with Rockville, Maryland-based Clean Currents Solar, Sheridan was able to tap Washington, DC’s $2 million-a-year Renewable Energy Incentive Program (REIP) to help fund the project.

The school is expecting a complete payback of their investment in the solar array within ten years. Sheridan students are particularly excited by plans to install a digital readout in the lobby of the school and on the school’s Web site that will allow real-time monitoring of the output from each of the 252 solar panels. This capability is made possible by the separate micro inverters installed on each of the 15-square-foot panels, a first for a commercial-scale system in the area. (more…)

GiraSolar, a U.S.-Dutch solar company, has begun talks with a local energy firm to build Turkey’s first and Europe’s biggest photovoltaic power station while also manufacturing solar panels for export to Europe.

“We are planning to build Europe’s biggest solar plant in Turkey,” Chief Executive Officer Wieland M. Koornstra told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review during a Dutch business mission to Istanbul last week. The mission, which included representatives from 22 companies, was led by Henk Bleker, the Dutch minister for agriculture and foreign trade. (more…)

In an effort to save money and increase awareness of solar innovation and benefits, the Cincinnati Zoo recently installed a considerable number of photovoltaic panels over its parking lot.

Nearly four acres of solar parking canopies have been installed at the zoo’s parking lot, according to a report from the Cincinnati Enquirer. The project comprises about 6,400 solar panels on more than 100 arrays, covering 800 parking spots. In all, it will produce around 1.56 megawatts of power, approximately 20 percent of the zoo’s annual needs.

Further, the $11 million project, which will be turned on in April, is expected to be used as an informative tool for the zoo’s visitors, the report said. (more…)

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The fact is that you can reduce your homes carbon footprint by changing to solar energy. These panels reduce green house emission and control the need for foreign energy. These PV panels are the solution to problem of energy and the rising costs worldwide. These panels have wiring, batteries and inverters.

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