The Sheridan School in Washington, D.C., recently flipped the switch on a 3,800 square foot roof-mounted solar power array. This solar installation, comprised of 252 224 watt solar panels from Sharp Solar, is one of the largest in the District, and it will provide 56 kilowatts of energy. Working with Rockville, Maryland-based Clean Currents Solar, Sheridan was able to tap Washington, DC’s $2 million-a-year Renewable Energy Incentive Program (REIP) to help fund the project.

The school is expecting a complete payback of their investment in the solar array within ten years. Sheridan students are particularly excited by plans to install a digital readout in the lobby of the school and on the school’s Web site that will allow real-time monitoring of the output from each of the 252 solar panels. This capability is made possible by the separate micro inverters installed on each of the 15-square-foot panels, a first for a commercial-scale system in the area.

“Sharp is delighted to be a part of this project that will educate the Sheridan School’s students about renewable energy while simultaneously reducing the school’s carbon footprint,” said Eric Hafter, senior vice president of Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group.

source: renewableenergyworld