A bill that would limit bans on solar panels sailed through the Senate this morning, as momentum builds on dozens of bills that would dampen the influence of homeowners associations.

Lawmakers will vote on solar panels again next week when Sen. Royce-West, D-Dallas, presents his major HOA bill to the Senate. The bill also requires associations to show greater transparency, ensures homeowners pay late dues before attorney fees and prevents foreclosure without a court order. A similar bill passed the House last session but failed by a vote in the Senate.

West, who has pushed for stronger HOA regulation for years, also sponsored the solar panel legislation that passed today on a fast track calendar. Homeowner supporters see the reform bill as a barometer for potential change.

The Senate has already passed bills that would give greater voting rights to homeowners and help prevent military families from returning to foreclosed homes.

source: trailblazersblog.dallasnews