Housing association tenants will benefit from cheaper heating bills thanks to a new £7m project to install solar panels on the roofs of 1,000 homes in South Norfolk.

Saffron Housing Trust, which is based in Long Stratton and owns over 4,600 homes mostly in South Norfolk, says the scheme will reduce fuel poverty in the area and provide jobs for local businesses, while benefiting the environment.

Saffron Housing Trust’s chief executive Adam Ronaldson said: “Saffron continues to demonstrate its clear commitment to exploring alternative energy sources and is delighted to be taking the lead with this major £7m investment in Norfolk. The pilot projects in our houses and offices have shown how much energy can be generated by sunshine.”

Those houses to have photo-voltaic panels installed have been selected for their suitability to the project. To be effective the panels must be installed upon south-facing roofs of the appropriate size, which are not obstructed or overshadowed by large trees or other buildings. Those residents whose homes are suitable are set to benefit from an estimated £125 reduction in their electricity bills each year.

source: eveningnews24