Sacramento City Hall is going to try to save taxpayers money by going solar.

City Council approved a plan last week to install more than 8,000 solar panels across four sites later this year.

Once the panels are installed and working, they are expected to produce about 2.6 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. According to SolarCity, the company installing the panels, that is enough energy to power about 250 homes.

SolarCity will finance, install and maintain the installations. Sacramento will pay for the power produced through the panels, which is anticipated to be lower than what the city currently pays for electricity. Mayor Kevin Johnson is behind the project because he says it will reduce pollution, lower the City’s energy costs, and create local jobs to install the panels.

In addition to City Hall, the other buildings getting solar panels are: 300 Richards Boulevard where the police department and planning offices are, Corporation Yard on Meadowview Road where the City’s sanitation fleet is housed, and South Area Corporation Yard off Fruitridge.

source: fox40