Advanced Media, Inc./RITEK Solar USA teams with Ambassador Energy Inc in CA for the installation of 252 RITEK PM230 black frame, 230 watt high performance polycrystalline solar panels, at the Roque Creamery in Central Point, Oregon.

Roque Creamery has been in existence since the Great Depression in the 1930′s and is one of the oldest creameries in Oregon. The system, designed and installed by Hoag Roofing of Central Point, Oregon, an authorized Ambassador Energy Agency, puts out 57.96KW DC.

“This is the largest installation in the Central Point area, and such an investment requires a commercial solar system that is made up of reliable components so we chose RITEK’s PM230, 230W modules, and SMA inverters for the client. Good quality means longevity” stated Steve Fulgham, CEO of Ambassador Energy.

RITEK Solar USA offers the option of the traditional silver frame, for commercial solar projects, or a black frame, for residential, with solar module efficiency at 14.05% and an output of +/-3%. The PM230 black frame is colored through an anodized aluminum dying process so it is more durable and fade resistant when exposed to natural elements. The black framed modules come with white back sheets, which keep the module’s cells from getting hot, to prevent degradation.

The California Energy Commission list (CEC list) displays RITEK’s PM (polycrystalline) Series of modules as eligible modules for California rebates with the PM230 receiving a high PTC rating of 205.4 which puts great savings in a system owner’s pocket.

source: dailymarkets