Mohawk Valley School has an abundance of sunshine … and now, the school is putting the sun to work.

The school recently received a grant from the state of Arizona to build shade structures with solar panels that will not only allow the school to have long-term energy savings but will also allow it to spend money on other school programs.

“We feel honored and excited to have been selected,” said Doug Rutan, Mohawk Valley Elementary School District superintendent. “With our drop in enrollment in recent years and the reduced education funding, we are down to the bare bones in what we provide. These electric cost savings will be a huge help as we try to maintain our minimum educational services.”

The estimated savings after the first year are between $6,400 and $8,200, and the 25-year projected energy savings to the district ranges from $160,000 to $200,000, based on 15 cents per kilowatt-hour, Rutan noted.

He added that the low-risk  solar power project will pay for itself in the first three to five years.

The monthly savings will remain in the maintenance and operations budget to be used for educational support, salaries, program and supplies, Rutan said.

source: yumasun