In an attempt to save electricity and promote the use of solar energy mostly in the non-electrified routes, the North Central Railway plans to install solar panels at railway crossings.

These solar panels would aid lighting at the crossings especially during the night hours. This step would promote solar energy, save money and also protect the environment.

As many as 129 level crossings (manned and unmanned) have been electrified with the help of solar panels in NCR. This includes 44 in Allahabad, 54 in Jhansi and 31 in Agra division of North Central Railway.

In the next financial year, there are plans for installation of solar panels at about 130 to 140 level crossings at different places in the jurisdiction of North Central Railway.
At several places in the country, electricity supply is erratic and this affects lighting of railway crossings during the night hours. However, with the installation of solar panels, there would be regular electric supply, which would help in lighting of the level crossings. It would also offer better visibility of the crossings during the night hours and ensure safety of the commuters. Besides, it would help in conserving precious energy.

Solar panels work by converting photons (light) into electrons (electricity). Photovoltaic (PV) cells are made of special materials called semiconductors (such as silicon), consisting of a large-area p-n junction diode.

source: timeofindia.indiatimes