“Saved by the Sun”, a 56-minute documentary, was screened Saturday afternoon at Cairo University’s Faculty of Agriculture Department. The screening was part of the Wadi Environmental Science Center’s (WESC) film series leading up to the World Environment Day 2011. Celebrations will take place on 4 June in Al-Azhar park.

The screening was followed by a panel discussion, headed by three energy and environment experts, to shed light on Egypt’s severe energy problems, as well as to reveal how solar power could tremendously benefit the country if seriously considered.

By speaking to solar energy enthusiasts around the globe, and by looking at government initiatives in favor of incorporating solar energy into its infrastructure, “Saved by the Sun” shows how with political cooperation, solar energy is actually a much more versatile and interesting solution than merely providing basic energy to solar panel owners.

Installing a large solar panel can reduce electricity bills to zero. In addition, excess energy produced can be pumped into the communal grid and sold back to the state, resulting in more energy for the country and personal profit. This process is known as Net Metering.

Large solar panels are extremely expensive, and this is the main deterrent for most people looking into it. But with the help of government initiatives, this service is becoming more accessible to people and communities of lesser means.