Electricity lines firm Orion is downplaying the idea that alternative energy sources including solar and wind will come for the fore within the instant period following the September and February earthquakes.

Current power outages and warnings about prospective power shortages above the winter period have led to worries from Christchurch residents, specifically those inside the eastern suburbs.

Privately-owned Canterbury Power Options has stated solar power and wind energy power solutions could help avert power cuts and massive energy bills.

But Orion chief executive Roger Sutton said such technological innovation was costly to install and much more funds could by saved by residents if they invested in effective heating and power systems and bought a backup generator.

Sutton mentioned despite aftershocks, the power situation in Christchurch was gradually bettering. About 90 per cent with the a lot more than 600 recognized high voltage cable faults in the badly affected eastern suburbs had now been repaired.Even though there had been a move to heat pumps replacing open fireplaces and woodburners over current years, the demand for power had not skyrocketed due to the fact at the same time generally folks had replaced old heaters and appliances with newer more effective models.

“The (resulting) enhance in electricity demand was very modest – 1 or two per cent form of thing … our peak load has elevated however it hasn’t elevated radically,” he stated.

Sutton said in most circumstances solar and wind power systems did not make residents any a lot more resilient when it comes to power provide due to the fact they still had to be connected for the primary power grid. In some cases Canterbury families had decided to go it alone with regards to power.