NEPEAN Ward councillor Tim Rodgers has urged Mornington Peninsula residents to adhere to his lead and sign as much as the shire’s group-purchase solar energy scheme.

Cr Rodgers mentioned his gas and electricity bills have more than halved because he installed photovoltaic cells on his roof. He bought the cells inside a group purchase co-ordinated by the shire.

A major part with the savings has come from a gas-boosted hot water technique that has operated on solar power when possible, having a gas improve as needed.

Cr Rodgers mentioned that when the family members was working and learning throughout the day the panels created power that was fed back into the electrical energy grid, creating an earnings to offset power usage. “There are wise approaches you are able to make it work finest,” he mentioned.

“We try not to use power in the course of the day to ensure that it really is feeding into the grid and we are generating income on that.”

Cr Rodgers said he had been surprised how easy it was to have the system installed – it took less than one day- and to keep.He mentioned the hardest portion was to establish a fair feed-in tariff, which needed complicated and typically confusing negotiation with the multitude of electricity providers.

“Yes, it was difficult, but the answers are around and with this group purchase there is the benefit of functioning with others who know how you can operate via the system.”

Mornington Shire residents can buy a 1.5-watt solar power technique in the group discounted price of $1999, fully installed. The price is guaranteed until Friday and you’ll find other system sizes accessible.