General Motors is continuing its slow but steady push to improve the energy efficiency of its operations and boost its use of renewable energy.

This week, the vehicle manufacturer announced that function began on a big photovoltaic (PV) solar energy technique at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant in southeastern Michigan, through Osha Gray Davidson.

At 516-kilowatts (kW) in size, the solar power array will create enough electricity each and every year to totally charge 54,750 Chevy Volt electrical vehicles, which (aptly) GM assembles at the plant.
Beyond solar, it is worth noting that GM is also taking actions to improve the energy efficiency of plant operations. Easy measures like installing new lighting and switching to much more effective equipment can go a lengthy way in minimizing general energy charges. As we usually say, minimizing your energy needs is actually a first, finest step to take before installing solar panels – a rule of thumb that holds genuine for house owners and companies alike.The Detroit-Hamtramck project’s savings will probably be substantial. GM expects energy-efficiency upgrades to lessen the plant’s annual electrical power expenses by $3 million; the solar portion, meanwhile, will offset costs by about $15,000.
The $3-million array is going to be owned and operated by DTE Energy, a Michigan utility that recently got press for shuttering its residential solar rebate system, a move that can probably decrease the amount of Michigan home owners who install solar panels.

GM’s new solar power array will cover 264,000 sq feet and must be on the web by summer’s finish.