Canyon High School, of Anaheim, looks to defend its title this weekend at the ninth annual Metropolitan Water District Solar Cup boat competition.

The event on Lake Skinner entails 40 Southern California high schools.

The boats are powered by absolutely nothing but solar power and also the students’ ingenuity.

Since November, students have been designing, building and testing their entries.The process started out using a boat constructing workshop.

Contestants’ entries were inspected Friday for maneuverability and safety during practice runs.
The competitors also entails a technical report and water-conservation presentation that should be presented to judges. It all counts toward a team’s last score.

“What also is inspiring will be the camaraderie,” said Solar Cup coordinator Julie Miller. “Even though high school teams are competing against one particular one more, they’ll also pitch in to assist one another.”

The boats are skippered by 1 team member. Solar-collection panels are deployed as they navigate a one-mile course.
On Sunday, the teams will compete in 200-meter sprint races.

Saturday’s competition began at about eight a.m. The events continues via Sunday.

Since 2002, 7,500 students have taken portion within the solar boat races, in line with the water agency.