In long term Britain should take into account importing solar energy from as far away as North Africa, based on a brand new report from the Committee on Climate Change.

The CCC – an independent body which advises the Government on energy policy – is at the moment resting its voice soon after singing the praises of another acronym.

CSP – or Concentrated Solar Power – apparently relies on “an array of mirrors to concentrate the sun’s rays onto a small region (e.g. the best of a tower) to produce high temperatures which might be then utilised to drive a steam turbine,” in accordance with the CCC’s most recent Renewable Energy Evaluation.

“If sited in southern Europe or northern Africa, it could potentially make a important contribution for the provide of renewable electrical energy for the UK,” in accordance with the report.

‘Solar gold rush’

Meanwhile – and as the evaluation acknowledges – the government looks poised to slash the primary subsidy on which Britain’s nascent solar business was pinning its hopes.

This can be the Feed in Tariff (or Match – nevertheless an additional acronym) on the back of which Cornwall Council had been projecting a ¬£1bn “solar gold rush”.
Topic towards the outcome of a recent consultation, the government is proposing a massive 70% reduction inside the original rates for larger solar projects – that is certainly, these creating much more than 50kW.

Poor news for the Cornish gold rush, then.

And a lot of in the renewable sector claim setting the threshold so reduced would also eliminate some of the fairly tiny community ventures the Government presumably wants to encourage – as well because the huge commercial operators it is clearly got it in for.