From California to Germany to China, the solar market is booming.Final year alone, much more than 18,200 MW of solar power was installed globally.

Over the past decade the efficiency of solar panels has elevated, whilst production charges have fallen,

and hundreds of a large number of jobs have been developed in 1 from the crucial industries for the long term.

Lagging behind in this improvement, nevertheless, may be the country together with the greatest

solar resources inside the globe: Australia. In 2009 and 2010, the solar industry ultimately took

off right here, too, encouraging quite a few multinational solar firms to open offices in Australia

and to invest in this market.

I was delighted to return to Sydney final July to begin Q-Cells Australia, right after ten years

abroad following my solar investigation days in the University of NSW. Q-Cells Australia is really

a subsidiary of a top multinational solar firm, Q-Cells SE, which originated in Germany.

My mission was clear: contribute for the advancement and growth with the Australian solar market and

offer high-quality solar modules and services to our consumers. I recruited individuals and we built

logistics centres, developed our retailer network and offered engineering services.

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The mission seemed achievable. However, less than a year later, it can be becoming

clear that we underestimated the sovereign risk of investing in renewable energy in this nation.