The White Residence on Thursday proposed a $737 million loan guarantee to SolarReserve, a Santa Monica startup, for construction of a Nevada-based 110-megawatt solar thermal facility for the objective of producing electricity 24 hours every day.

It is the ultimate objective for intermittent carbon-free energy sources – like wind and solar – and SolarReserve’s loan guarantee is an indicator that the U.S. Energy Department is prepared to wager on engineering unproven inside the commercial marketplace.

Inside a statement, SolarReserve’s chief executive Kevin Smith commented, “This solar technologies is a genuine alternative to baseload coal, nuclear or organic gas burning electricity generation facilities.”

The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project will be built on government land around 220 miles northwest of Vegas. Molten salt is going to be in a position to extend Crescent Dunes’everyday output by up to 12 hours and, during peak output, as many as 75,000 households might be powered. The question as to regardless of whether NV Energy, the organization contracted to buy energy for Crescent Dunes, will want 24 hour operation depends upon general grid demand.

The Thursday announcement ought to bolster the solar thermal sector. The last few notable Department of Energy loan guarantees were handed to developers functioning with photovoltaic power plants utilizing hundreds upon thousands of solar panels like those utilized in residential houses.

The White Residence appeared cautious in Thursday’s announcement. The news went out toward day’s finish in the east, along with the message focused much more on green employment than green energy.Nevada senator and Senate majority leader Harry Reid said inside a statement, “Today’s announcement is about one particular thing: creating very good paying clean energy jobs appropriate here in Nevada.” He added that Crescent Dunes will imply 600 more jobs in construction and 45 long-term positions are created.