WINDSOR, Ont. — A Wallaceburg-based solar panels manufacturer stands to shed as much as $4 million in sales from clients uncertain in regards to the long term in the province’s feed-in tariff system, according to the company’s president and chief executive officer.

Steve Bilodeau mentioned his organization, which was established in 1967, has diversified its product mix over the past two years and now manufactures solar panels under an agreement with Meca Solar, a Spanish firm.

“We have 40 workers at the moment but when we take on large builds, for example a recent solar farm project in Tilbury, we ramp up to 200 staff,” mentioned Bilodeau. “Without this system we wouldn’t have nearly as much enterprise but it is starting to slow down currently.”

Bilodeau said many buyers have placed solar panel projects on hold inside the wake of Conservative leader Tim Hudak’s remarks earlier this month that he would cancel the Fit system if his government forms the subsequent government.

Even Hudak’s accompanying commitment to honour existing contracts hasn’t carried out a lot for the self-assurance of his consumers, mentioned Bilodeau.Bilodeau, speaking in the unveiling of a 10-megawatt micro-fit solar tracker project at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Regional 773 offices, mentioned “we have been in a position to supply perform for staff laid off as a result from the auto slowdown and it tends to make no sense to now create another slowdown.”