Our Substitute Future could have to wait for a bit whilst, particularly if it is your contention that it will bring us not simply clean air but also an abundance of jobs. Let’s talk about some the solar power sector shall we? Within the US we do not make most of the world’s solar panels, really we are not even truly within the running. Japan, China, and Germany would be the star players with the Greek Sun God Helios.

What do we require to turn into the leader in Solar Technologies and Manufacturing? Well, our researchers will need to enhance our existing solar efficiency by about 2-3 times what they’ve in the last decade, in this decade. Not long ago, I was getting this conversation with yet another innovative thinker who stated; “200% in 10 years is quite poor, specifically in comparison with how quickly several other fields are developing. But I guess it really is because of reduced grants in that field?”

No, it is since it’s a rather tough challenge, our researchers are producing decent progress, but we’re not there but. I’m not a Mayan Sun Worshipper nor have I joined in on the study end of such projects, it’s not my field, though I have sat in on far too several boring seminars, enough to know the existing analysis and trends. So, should we expect there to become a major innovation plus a near-term break even though in long term inside the Usa?Nicely, therein lies one more problem, you see here in the US as soon as one of our analysis companies or universities makes a breakthrough, and writes a paper the Germans, Chinese, Japanese borrow the data and begin production, and that analysis is becoming paid by the US taxpayer, and then the solar cells are made in China, Germany, or Japan.

Now then, that’s fine for humanity, but new technology also takes away from old, the result in the US a net-loss of jobs, thanks to all the cash I spent (as a tax payer) on research? How does this help my family members? See what I’m saying? So, we have some troubles in the world with corporate espionage, spies, technologies, patents, and false markets subsidized for the identical vision we’ve had for 40-years.