The placement of solar panels inside a solar electric program is actually a key consideration that can make or break a program as far as its efficiency and efficiency are concerned.

We’ll take a look at the various options available and the pros and cons of every.

Things To think about In All Situations

When a solar energy method is installed within the Northern Hemisphere, it really is very best if it is orientated in a south facing direction (the opposite is accurate in the Southern Hemisphere) because the sun tracks across the sky for the south.

Any shading from overhanging trees or nearby structures can seriously affect the overall performance of solar panels, so each and every effort should be made to make confident that there is little or, preferably, no shading exactly where the panels are mounted.The PV panels should be positioned at an angle perpendicular to the sun, which really usually involves setting the panels at a tilt angle.

The closer the web site selected for the modules would be to the inverter, the much less wire is employed and consequently the lower the electrical loss.

The sort of mounting program utilized will rely on numerous factors, like house orientation, weather patterns, roofing materials, web site load bearing capacity and shading.

Getting looked at these aspects, the type of method utilised will be a single of either roof, ground, pole, tracking or bracket mounts.