Two-thirds of New York City’s rooftops are appropriate for solar panels and could jointly produce enough power to meet half the city’s demand for electrical energy at peak periods, based on a brand new, extremely detailed interactive map to be produced public on Thursday.

The map, which shows the solar potential of every in the city’s one-million-plus buildings, is actually a outcome of a series of flights over the city by an airplane equipped having a laser system known as Lidar, for light detection and ranging.

Swooping above the 5 boroughs last year, the plane collected precise information about the shape, angle and size in the city’s rooftops and the shading provided from trees and structures about them.

The map is in the Net site from the City University of New York. City officials mentioned the info really should advance efforts to boost the city’s reliance on solar power as portion of its power mix, minimizing the metropolis’s greenhouse gas emissions.“The quality of the Lidar details is so exceptional that it is going to much more quickly unlock usable web sites,” stated Stephen Goldsmith, the deputy mayor for operations.

Above all, the pictures show that 66.four percent in the city’s buildings have roof space suitable for solar panels, mentioned the CUNY team, which created the map in partnership together with the city and also the federal Department of Power. The rooftops could generate as much as five,847 megawatts from hundreds of thousands of buildings, the team mentioned, compared using the negligible six.five megawatts yielded now from about 400 installations.