In this age of skyrocketing gas and oil rates man has been exploring different alternatives to create power…with cost being the main motivator. One of the possible sources of power that you just see all above the news as of late is solar technological innovation. One could simply draw the conclusion that solar power is actually a recent technological advancement. This couldn’t be more from the truth.

Leonardo da Vinci is most famous for painting the Mona Lisa, but he was also an avid inventor who dabbled in a myriad of technologies. A few of his sketchbooks show that he was designing ways to harness the power of the sun way back in the fifteenth century. Alas, he didn’t have the technological implies to bring his tips to fruition.

One particular could argue that the real begin of solar power was in the 1860’s when August Mouchet developed a solar-powered motor plus a steam engine that worked off solar power. How helpful was it? By connecting this steam engine to a refrigeration device he was able to make ice.In 1883 Charles Fritz produced the initial solar cell, efficiently turning sunlight into an electric present. Later on within the very same decade Charles Tellier installed a solar energy method that was capable of heating the water in his residence.

Inside the 1950’s the entire concept of solar power was taken up a notch when three employees of Bell Labs (i.e.: Calvin Fuller, Daryl Chaplin, and Gerald Pearson) discovered how effectively silicon worked as a semiconductor. Why was this so essential? Silicon may be the substance that the majority of today’s solar panels and solar cells are produced from.