Almost 200 solar panels are to be installed on the roof of a neighborhood centre in Gloucester.

The installation at City Operates is anticipated to create 40,000 kWh of electricity a year, equivalent to 12 average-sized loved ones properties.

The £130,000 project is usually to be funded by way of the Berkshire-based Solar Co-op which aims to build renewable power.

It plans to supply individuals and neighborhood groups the option to purchase shares in the project.

A Solar Co-op spokesman stated the existing Feed-In Tariff only benefited individuals who could afford to have solar panels installed on their property.
“This scheme gives absolutely everyone the likelihood to invest in renewables and advantage from the tariff,” he mentioned.

It’s hoped perform can start in the autumn, topic to the funds becoming raised.

The photovoltaic panels create electricity when exposed to sunlight and are connected for the building’s power supply through an inverter synchronised for the electrical energy main’s frequency.

This really is utilised for lighting and energy inside the developing with any surplus sold back for the electrical power corporation.