The Australian government has selected two of the 4 large-scale projects that are the cornerstone of an aggressive effort to construct 1,000 megawatts (MW) of solar power capacity.

Solar Dawn and Moree Solar Farm are portion with the Solar Flagships program’s $1.5 billion infusion to create grid-connected solar power stations in Australia using CSP and PV technologies. When complete, the two projects they chosen will be among the world’s biggest for their respective technologies.

The combined capability from the two projects, within the neighborhood of 400 MW, would represent a large percentage from the nation’s existing solar capability. Based on a latest EPIA global report, Australia ended 2010 with 504 MW of installed PV capacity.Solar Dawn

A consortium of AREVA Solar, CS Power and Wind Prospect CWP has been chosen to build a CSP project in Round 1 of the Solar Flagships Program.

Solar Dawn is actually a proposed 250-MW CSP/natural gas hybrid energy plant and will probably be the largest plant of its type in the world when total, according to the company. The project is also anticipated to obtain far more than $500 million in government contributions.

Solar Dawn is going to be built in South West Queensland, near CS Energy’s not long ago announced 44-MW Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project. Like Solar Dawn, Kogan Creek Solar Boost will also use AREVA Solar’s Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) solar thermal technological innovation.