On a rainy and gloomy Friday, Unconquered Sun Technologies opened its doors for the public and answered concerns concerning the solar business.

Dozens of men and women came for the plant on County Road 42 and Banwell Road in Tecumseh hoping to obtain a glimpse of the technology that’s supplying many couples with retirement income and feeding the provincial electrical energy grid with renewable energy.

Tecumseh’s Dorothy and Gary Souchuk are curious about solar engineering. “I wished to know the concept of it,” Gary said. “I’ve read concerning the grid and Hydro One. The solar concept is excellent. I hope it will take off.”

In partnership using the Canadian Solar Industries Association, Unconquered Sun held an open house -which was known as Stand Up For Solar In Ontario -to answer inquiries from the public about how the firm tends to make its photovoltaic panels. The occasion ran from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and workers said there was a steady stream of folks searching for info.Joanne and Gerald Sylvestre of St. Joachim already have two big solar panels in fields they lease out to a corn farmer. One particular set of panels was activated June 3, whilst the other a single is below construction. They have not received a payment but for your electrical power made but hope it’s going to pay for the investment. They had been investigating other solar options available to them to supplement their retirement.

The couple is aware that it’s now difficult to acquire permission to hook up to the electricity grid since it really is almost at complete capability in Southwestern Ontario. The issue is affecting organizations like Unconquered Sun, which is barely operating one shift, based on CEO Sean Moore. It’s challenging to market solar panels when handful of individuals are getting simply because they can’t get permission to sell the electrical energy back to the province. The Sylvestres stated they will not be investing in much more solar technology till they have Hydro A single approval.