NUtech Ventures and Rare Earth Solar have announced an exclusive license agreement involving engineering that replaces the standard semiconductor supplies now used in solar cells with uncommon earth elements. NUtech Ventures is usually a nonprofit organization that types partnerships between University of Nebraska researchers and the private sector.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln assistant professor of chemistry Chin Li “Barry” Cheung and his then-doctoral student Joseph Brewer created the patent-pending engineering. Rare earth elements are applied to produce lots of high-tech goods and regardless of their name are extra readily out there and less highly-priced than competing commercial supplies such as tellurium, indium, and gallium.

“Our technological innovation will be competitive with current solar choices,” said Brewer, founder and chief technologies officer of Rare Earth Solar. “We anticipate our research and development efforts to result in commercial solar panels that will make electrical power close to the efficiency amount of latest solar panel technologies.”Rare Earth Solar is a startup that is definitely securing a manufacturing web page in Beatrice, Nebraska and are going to be the initial solar panel manufacturer the state. The corporation plans to start manufacturing some time in 2013, with 28 MW of annual production for the initial year.

Allen Kruse, the co-founder and CEO of Uncommon Earth Solar, says “This is just not a spin off of what currently exists; it truly is a completely new materials method. We have been able to reproduce many cells at a variety of sizes and are now operating on the standard engineering to scale up to a complete size module, essentially getting voltage and latest exactly where we want it, to meet the largest industry demand.”