Kyocera Solar, Inc., NJ Solar Power, LLC and Solar Power Partners, Inc. announced nowadays the completion of a 1.16 Megawatt (MW) solar power method in the Masonic Property of New Jersey. The completed installation are going to be inaugurated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony this summer.

Made and installed by NJ Solar Power, LLC on property owned by the Masons since the mid-1800s, the photovoltaic technique consists of 5,656 Kyocera KD205 modules. The panels are ground-mounted inside a single, contiguous style utilizing UniRac structures and 4 PV-powered, PVP 260-480 inverters. With an estimated yearly energy production of 1,547,412 kilowatt hours (kWh), the utility-tied technique is sufficient to power 145 typical residences. The website needed exclusive zoning permits to guarantee the protection from the buildings and surrounding landscape.A power acquire agreement (PPA), offered by Solar Power Partners, Inc. (utilizing institutional financing and Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) will permit the Burlington Property to buy the electrical energy without having incurring the initial cost of program installation. The project is the most recent inside a series of east coast installations for Solar Power Partners, a Larkspur, California-based developer and owner.

The full-service integrator — NJ Solar Power — was the east coast workforce for this project and will continue to service the Masons throughout the life of the solar panels. “Our corporation is committed to providing cost-effective energy that is certainly environmentally and socially responsible, as are our partners within the project: Kyocera and Solar Power Partners,” stated Bill Hoey, CEO of NJ Solar Power. “This bicoastal collaboration proved highly productive and will yield great final results for the Masons.”