Everyone from Wall Street analysts and short-sellers to big oil firms and my next-door neighbor have questioned solar power. And this Fool has written numerous (Ok, you may possibly count them) articles attempting to educate Foolish investors on how solar stacks up against traditional power, just how much it definitely expenses and exactly where the business is headed.

Not enough to convince you? I can see that skeptical search in your eye. How about if I told you a few of the greatest players in oil had been creating many of the greatest bets on the solar marketplace. It is no longer just venture capitalists trying to find a home run or tree huggers who want to save the globe who’re investing in solar power. It is time to admit the threat to fossil fuels is actual.Major Oil and solar
Some Massive Oil businesses such as ExxonMobil dismissed solar power a extended time ago as an power source that would not quantity to anything. But some significant oil producers are starting to put some critical dough behind the long term of solar power.