An audit by the New South Wales Government has identified up to 18.five per cent of installations have significant defects.

Premier Barry O’Farrell said the overview of 658 properties in Sydney’s north-west by Fair Trading inspectors identified widespread defects in solar panel units.

He stated 18.5 per cent had major defects and 63.five per cent had minor defects.

The main defects connected mostly to incorrect installation of some elements or incorrect wiring though the minor defects typically associated to incorrect marking and signage.

Mr O’Farrell mentioned of the 120,000 properties in NSW with solar installations, only two had reported minor fires in their fuse boxes.

Essentially the most important tips to householders was NOT to turn off their solar panels systems but to call a qualified professional if they had been concerned that their installation may perhaps be defective, he stated.NSW Fair Trading can also take action against substandard installations of solar panels exactly where complaints are lodged.

Mr O’Farrell mentioned electrical power distributors have been now writing to buyers with in depth assistance on what to complete and are standardising their inspection procedures to examine that solar PV systems are appropriately connected towards the electricity network.