Extra than 80 per cent of solar panels installed in western Sydney are defective, a state government audit has located.

Householders are being urged to examine that their solar panels are secure following the audit of panels set up in 658 houses across Blacktown, Kellyville as well as the Hills, identified only 118 did not have any defects.

Premier Barry O’Farrell final week released the preliminary outcomes with the audit, which found 122 (18.5 per cent) solar panels had “major defects”, including wiring difficulties, although one more 418 (63.5 per cent) had “minor defects”, including incorrect cabling and incorrectly marked switches.

With the 120,000 solar panel-equipped residences in NSW, only two – neither in Sydney – have reported minor fires in their fuse boxes.

Mr O’Farrell said major defects could pose an electrocution threat and households essential to have their solar panels checked by a specialist.Fair Trading investigators shut down all of the majorly defective solar panels located during their audit and have ordered installers to fix the problems.

Households have now been urged to acquire their solar panels checked.

Premier Barry O’Farrell said it was critical property owners did not switch their panels off but contacted the installer, NSW Fair Trading or the Clean Energy Council.


* Households had been initially paid 60c per kilowatt for power returned for the energy grid.

* The cost was cut to 20c in October following a $94 million budget blow-out.

* The new Liberal government suspended the scheme from April 28 and referred to as for a “Solar Summit”.

* Premier Barry O’Farrell then announced a “hardship benefit” for households adversely effected by the reduction from the payment.