ALAS International Holdings, Inc. VDSC -4.76% right now announced their program to commence production of solar panels beneath an agreement with Green Solar LLC, a Florida corporation, for exclusive manufacturing rights to develop their new solar panels.

Mark Green, owner of Green Solar, stated, “The solar panels we have created consist of patented material which we have the unique rights to utilize in the manufacturing of solar panels. We have applied for additional patents to include that materials inside the approach developed by my organization.

“Our Green product has proven to develop equal or better power per panel than competitive panels and is nearly indestructible. When our panels are subjected to extreme punishment, they remained operational with little or no reduction in output. That is significant when used in areas subjected to hurricanes, tornados or damaging hale. Our panels will continue to operate, unharmed with out the will need of high priced replacement. We’ve entered into an agreement with distributors to start production of an preliminary 4,000 Green Solar panels and are excited about moving forward.”Edwin Salmon, ALAS CEO stated, “We plan to start manufacturing with the initial order this week.”

About ALAS International Holdings, Inc.:

ALAS International Holdings, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is an international project financing and holding investment corporation, which owns and operates via its wholly owned subsidiary, Redtide Defense Group, Inc. which can be a manufacturer of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Autos). The Provider is aiming to grow each organically and by strategic acquisitions.